BIM & 3-D Modeling

Omega Construction, Inc. now has the capability to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology as a vital part of our preconstruction and construction services.

It is critical our clients understand the basics of BIM. BIM is not a technology, it is a process. BIM applies to all ​aspects of the construction of a building, from the design, the estimating, the supply chain, the delivery of goods during construction, the build process, the resource allocation, the productivity requirements to meet targets, and on into the post-construction phase for the our client’s facilities management team.​

BIM is so much more than just a detailed 3D model of a building. The concept is most easily explained by the language “We Build Four Times” which means we build three times while compiling the model and actually build once from the ground up. The accuracy of the model combined with animations and fly-throughs allows Omega to access the design layout before the actual build takes place and a preconstruction opportunity to make any necessary alterations. This means that when the actual build takes place, there are fewer errors and far less rework required.

Parametric Modelling is a key principle of BIM. Essentially this means that everything in the model is connected. Meaning that if the location of a wall is moved, the elements attached to the wall also move. If the area of the floor changes, the quantities of material needed to install the flooring alter. If the ducting in the ceiling is moved, all aspects associated with the duct update and conflicts with other trades are highlighted. This means a change is made once, but all trades can instantly see the results of the change.

With the adoption of this cutting edge process, not only are we managing our projects more efficiently and cost effectively, but we are able to offer our clients increased value in the level of service we provide from project conception to completion.