Pre Construction

Preconstruction includes the preliminary planning and design services to determine a Project’s scope, time frame, risk analysis, potential issues and cost impacts. With our extensive design and construction experience, Omega Construction provides its Customers with preconstruction services that develop a Project’s scope, cost and schedule at the earliest possible stage of the Project. As part of the preconstruction services offered, Omega provides:

• Project scope development
• Value engineering
• Cost estimates
• Project scheduling
• Constructability reviews
• Site analysis
• Preliminary design documents
• Identification of permitting issues to minimize schedule impact
• Procurement of long lead time item
• Design assist services with Architect and Engineers

Cost estimates and schedules are prepared in-house by our team of seasoned construction professionals. We supplement these services through the use of select subcontractor and supplier input based on specific project requirements.

Omega’s preconstruction services provide project Owner’s with the necessary information to make informed decisions related to their projects and capital expenditures. Reducing risks, removing the unknowns, clarifying potential issues and identifying cost savings are all a part of the preconstruction services provided to benefit Omega’s clients.